Launching Herbarium

A couple of days ago I launched Herbarium, a free online database about the health benefits and therapeutic uses of medicinal herbs and superfoods.

Herbarium Home Page

Herbarium Home Page

In the past months, I have been researching the benefits of medicinal herbs and superfoods extensively, and noticed that there was not a single trustworthy, simple and serious online information source regarding the contents, effectiveness and uses of medicinal herbs and plants. So I decided to put a Minimum Viable Product of Herbarium online in order to provide trustworthy and scientific information on a simple interface, as “the best way to complain is to make things”.

For the MVP I decided to use WordPress. WordPress has its advantages and disadvantages for this endeavour, but it provides an effective solution to content management, SEO and multi language support. Ideally, if the MVP gains some traction, I’ll build a custom web app.

As for the requirements of the MVP, I decided I wanted to include multi language support from the beginning instead of adding it later at a substantially higher cost.

So I set up a project, which you can check out on GitHub.

To provide a slick User Experience, I also optimised the website for search engines and frontend performance.

In order to optimize the site for search engines I use WordPress SEO by Yoast, which allows the simple setting of page meta title and descriptions, and gives quick feedback about the SEO-readiness of the content.

To boost the site performance, I use W3C Total Cache, which allows to set up things like Page Caching, Object Caching, Database Caching, Browser Caching, a CDN, and JS/CSS Combination & Minification.

Herbarium Plant Detail Page

Herbarium Plant Detail Page

The next couple of weeks I will continue to add new plants and complement the information, starting with the most common herbs, and then expanding over to the less known.