Launching Moringa Helpfood

A couple of weeks ago finally it was time to launch Moringa Helpfood, a project on which me, Antje Nücklich (Designer) and Erhan Erasi (Powerpitch Agency, ) and Joshua Van Dijk (Tausendkraut) have been working the past few months. Antje was responsible for the packaging design, Erhan for the explanatory video about Moringa Helpfood, Joshua for the management of the whole project, and my part was the website and online strategy.

Moringa Helpfood

The finalized Moringa Helpfood Home page

Moringa Helpfood is a campaign of German Online Shop Tausendkraut, which aims to support the local communities in India through the purchase of the Moringa Helpfood, from which with every Helpfood purchase 50 cents are donated to charity. The donations are made through, where transparency about the use of the funds is provided.

So I developed a website for the project, and, in order to maximise the reach, leveraging the power of social networks and weak ties.

But let’s dig a bit deeper into these two components of the project I was responsible for.

Moringa Helpfood project website

The requirements for the Moringa Helpfood project website were pretty clear:

  • A Content Management System, preferably WordPress (to enable editors without technical knowledge to update the site)
  • Minimal development time (launch was soon ahead, and the next projects are already waiting for execution)
  • Search engine friendly
  • Runs on standard hosting

So the decision to use WordPress as the website platform was pretty clear, being easy to use for non-technical editors, with a great amount of easily customizable templates available (which minimizes development and time-to-market time), and generally being very search engine friendly.

So we looked out for a good base theme, modified and adapted it to our needs, set up the page, created a reasonable site structure, and migrated the content from the previous site.

Moringa Helpfood social marketing concept

To maximise the reach of the Moringa Helpfood project, the users and customers should be encouraged to share the project over social media, in order to persuade their friends to get to know and try out Moringa Helpfood.

Moringa Helpfood inherently includes a 50 cent donation to charities supporting local communities in India. As an incentive to share the content, the donation will be doubled to 1 Euro by Tausendkraut.

The amount of total donations is tracked via the sales data, and in order to track how many donations have to be doubled, each Moringa Helpfood product has a unique product code, and a note explaining that with the entry of the code and a share the donation will be doubled.

So the customer purchases his Moringa Helpfood, reads on the packaging that the donation of his helpfood will be doubled if he enters the code and makes a share on (a landing page crafted to enable the Facebook share, and the code entry), goes to this landing page, shares the content, and enters his product code, which is matched against the database to validate it, and, if valid, keep track of used codes in the database.

Moringa Helpfood Donation Web App

Moringa Helpfood Donation Web App

Then a friend of him sees the shared content on Facebook, a landing page designed to explain Moringa Helpfood with a explaining video, and a call to action to try out Moringa Helpfood with a 10% discount code.

Moringa Helpfood Conversion Optimized Promotional Landing Page

Moringa Helpfood Conversion Optimized Promotional Landing Page

Following use case:

The user purchases Helpfood, with a note on the product that a share on facebook, and entering the product code on the landing page will duplicate the donation. The user shares the prepared content on FB (a link to a landing page to try out Moringa Helpfood with 10% discount), this way presents himself as a socially conscious human being, and his friends are driven to the conversion optimized landing page, attracted by curiosity about morniga, and the 10% discount.

The Result: A Win-Win-Win-Win situation. The local communities in India raise money and improve the standard of living, the customer doubles his donation and communicates his social consciousness to his social network, the attracted client got to know Moringa Heelpfood, and Tausendkraut  increased its reach and sales).